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    Has painting long become an exhausted practice? In the presence of the gigantic canvases of 78 year old Rose Wylie, exhausted does not enter the equation. Petite in stature, Wylie in the last decade has only become increasingly active, Wylie is not a late starter it has just taking the art establishment an age to take notice of this powerhouse. This late discovery appears to have worked to everyone's favour. Wylie has not had to live up to expectations and unnecessary demands, she has quietly got on with it, homing her unique style of painting and entering the consciousness of the art world on her own terms. Where other painters have come and gone, Wylie's genius arrives unhampered.

    M>A>M couldn't be more grateful to have Rose Wylie take on our inaugural edition. Unrestricted by the physical realm, Wylie draws upon memory and imagination rather than direct observation, the results are playful and unapologetic. For the edition we invited Wylie to create a unique work that would be exclusive to the whisky.

    In the typical style of Wylie 'Grey Castle, Green Tartan' is a self-portrait as a young girl, perhaps pure imagination or a flash of memory, Wylie places her hilariously proportioned body in front of an old Scottish castle. Elements of bleached paper are cut out, re- painted and stuck onto unbleached cartridge.

    'I love that little fat tree, it took me three attempts to get that right' Rose pointed out during a visit to her studio. What may seem like naivety is counterintuitive, every decision is actually refined. The enchanting scrawled calligraphy is a game for Wylie, she works very hard to get her writing to look so untaught. For the self-portrait Wylie wears the Ross and Cromarty tartan from her father's side of the family. As Wylie and I stand over the finished lithograph depicting the old castle, the powder blue mountains, the fluffy trees, the family tartan, Wylie asserts, 'Yes I am very happy with my piece, I tried to incorporate every Scottish Cliché'.

    Rose Wylie was born in Kent in 1934 where she continues to live and work. In 2014 Rose Wylie won the most prestigious prize in British painting, John Moores painting prize. A solo display of her work recently adorned the gallery walls for Tate Britain's Spotlight exhibition. Big Boys Sit at the Front was her recent solo show and inaugural presentation at Jerwood Gallery Hastings. Wylie is held in high esteem as one of Britain's favourite painters and has several international museum shows approaching.

    Artist: Rose Wylie
    Title: Grey castle Green Tartan
    Date: 2012
    Whisky:Bunnahabhain 1979, second maturation in a sherry infused octave and bottled aged 33 years at 52.2% exclusively for the artists
    Art: four colour lithograph on 330gsm Somerset velvet radiant white paper. (Produced by Poligrafa of Barcelona)
    Size: 42 cm x 60cm
    Edition: 35
    Price: contact us for information

    All bottles and prints are signed and numbered by the artist and exclusive to M>A>M

    Contact: mcleansartistmalts@gmail.com
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