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  • McLean's Artist Malts is a publisher of artist editions like no other. M>A>M marries rare Scotch whisky with cutting edge contemporary art. Collaborating with some of the most exciting artists working today, M>A>M only match whisky that lives up to the artists standing. Each project culminates in a work that plays on sight, sound, touch, smell, and of course taste.

    Nick Fleming, wine and spirits buyer for Harrods, said:
    'I see a similar discipline behind the creation of both great whisky and art, whereby craftsmen and women dedicate themselves to produce works to be discussed, evaluated and of course enjoyed. These strong, witty and relevant pieces are matched with liquid of real calibre.'

    Since 2012 M>A>M have been inviting a pair of artists each year to create a work of art around their own small-batch, single malt Scotch whisky. Every whisky considered has been aging for a number of years. It is then carefully selected from an independent distillery and matched to a pair of artists, whose work demonstrate an affinity to the project.
    Every edition features a distinguished bottle of whisky that has undergone a second maturation in a sherry infused octave. Bottled at cask strength this makes every drop unique to the respective artist and the edition.

    The work also includes an accompanying print produced by Poligrafa of Barcelona. Poligrafa alongside Joan Miro produced their first print run over 50 years ago, since they have worked with the leading artists of the day and have developed a reputation as one of the world's most important print houses. Other surprises accompany the works depending on the individual artist's sentiment, from multi-media installation to more unusual print-making techniques.

    Editions so far include Rose Wylie, Charles Avery, Laure Prouvost, Rodney Graham, Cornelia Parker, and Ben Rivers.

    Liam McLean

    Director - McLean's Artist Malts

    Contact: mcleansartistmalts@gmail.com
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